A Tour of the Most Expensive Car Parts to Scrap for Higher Value

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You may be thinking of the best strategy to get the highest possible value out of a scrap car while seeking instant money. Calling us is the wisest idea to get the best cash for scrap car in Calgary. “Is there something to squeeze more money out of whatever is left?” We are glad you asked the question, allowing us to share some valuable information to have more dollars.

cash for scrap car calgary

This blog comprises a list of the most valuable components that can increase the overall price of your scrap car. So if your vehicle contains the following parts, you are lucky!

Most Expensive Items Under The Hood of Your Vehicle

Read the following to know about the valuable items!

Engine and Transmission

Your engine and transmission can continue to live on in another car if they are in running condition. Many car owners prefer using an affordable second-hand engine or transmission to replace the one that just failed in their vehicle. And if these components are new, you can surely get a higher price.

Or, if they are not in good condition, you can get a fair price for their aluminum parts. So it is a win-win deal for you!

Air Conditioning System

A functioning air conditioner can make you some additional bucks if you sell them to us separately. The composer of the AC is an expensive part that can get reused or remanufactured. Besides, the other parts for car AC like condenser, coiling and other things can significantly give the cash for cars a sudden height.

Your Alternator And Starter

These two components spend their entire lives attached to your engine. Their actuarial value lies in the copper wiring inside their steel cases. These are apt for resold either as is or after remanufacturing because they have a lot of inherent material value. Our professional junk car buyers always offer high prices for such cars and their components.

Your Radiator

It usually contains a significant amount of aluminum, making this part worth selling separately. You can ask us for this type of selling because we also value these parts. Or, if the radiator is already in a worn-out situation, sell it with the vehicle.

Final Words!

Hopefully, you have understood what parts can increase the scrap car selling price. For further details, you can contact us and visit our Facebook page. Our latest updates will help you gain more vital information.


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