Cash for Cars: How to Identify a Junk Car’s Worth?

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Every car owner spends a lot of time, money, effort, and energy on their vehicles. And it is perfectly justified to expect as much money as possible when you think of selling it to a junk car company!

However, before hiring cash for cars service, you must figure out how much your junk car is worth. Otherwise, you may not get as much price as you deserve.


Determining its worth when it is beyond repair is complicated. In this case, it primarily depends on two facts- the recycling value of your car and its salvageable parts. So, let’s know how it works!

Value of Your Vehicle Per Recycling Price

As a trusted junk buying company, the recycling value of your vehicle is the first thing we evaluate. It gets determined by the number of recyclable parts our professionals can salvage from it, deciding the price of your scrap car.

You probably know that differently made models have several amounts of polymer, steel, aluminum, and other materials. These elements can get used in many industries or for other purposes.

Depending on the weight, size, and price of the materials, we will tell you the approximate cash you can get while hiring our cash for cars service. Then, we will analyze how much damage your car has because it also plays an essential role in deciding your junk car price.

Salvageable Parts

A study of 2021 has shown that the market size of global vehicle recycling has reached US$ 67 Billion. And the professionals expect it to reach US$ 139.8 Billion by 2022-2027. This report is enough to display the rapid growth of this market, and it is high time to get some advantages of this situation.

The salvation of your junk car is another way to get instant cash. And it determines the price of your old four-wheeled companion. If one part of your vehicle is beyond repair, we know other parts are sellable.

Suppose a car has faced a fatal accident and got severely damaged. In this case, if your vehicle becomes immobilized but a few spare parts remain worth selling, contact us for salvation. Visit our Facebook page for more details.

Wrapping Up!

When looking for help with the best cash for cars service, consider giving us a call. Our comprehensive service and competitive pricing will confirm that we are the best ones to get in touch with in this case. For more details, you may also visit our Twitter page.

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